Over a lifelong that traverses three decades, Leonardo DiCaprio has showed up in everything from sitcoms to autonomous movies to enormous blockbusters — however never a hero film.

It’s anything but difficult to expect that an entertainer who has been selected for six Academy Awards (he won for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in 2016 for The Revenant) may avoid motion pictures that come up short on the reserve of the character-driven passage that typically pulls in DiCaprio; in any case, with ventures like Watchmen and Joker lifting the class past unadulterated (thoughtless) activity films, there have been adequate substantial jobs that DiCaprio could have dived into. In this way, for what reason hasn’t he at any point showed up in a hero film.

DiCaprio showed up in the widely praised films This Boy’s Life and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (for which he got his first Oscar nomination), just as less generally welcomed passage, for example, The Quick and the Dead, Total Eclipse, and The Basketball Diaries before featuring in the film that made him a heart breaker and a commonly recognized name, Titanic. DiCaprio has spoken in interviews about his love for the film.

It made ready for DiCaprio to work with executives, for example, Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Christopher Nolan, and Quentin Tarantino. DiCaprio is difficult to categorize, playing a wide arrangement of characters from a hermitic extremely rich person, to an appealling scalawag, to a psychological patient, to a cleaned up TV entertainer, to a covert cop — so for what reason would he say he is obviously missing with regards to the superhuman type? Oscar champs Jeff Bridges, Brie Larson, Gwyneth Paltrow, William Hurt, Ben Affleck, and Natalie Portman are only a rare sorts of people who have proceeded to show up in a Marvel or DC venture.

It isn’t on the grounds that DiCaprio hasn’t had the chance. In a meeting with ShortList, DiCaprio affirmed he hadn’t found the correct venture. He met with chief Joel Schumacher about potentially playing Robin in Batman Forever, however DiCaprio admitted he wasn’t keen on the job regardless of considering Schumacher to be an “very talented director.” DiCaprio additionally referenced being reached about Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man, yet once more, DiCaprio “didn’t feel ready to put on the suit yet.” The part the in the long run went to DiCaprio’s companion Tobey Maguire.

DiCaprio was mindful so as not to defame either establishment. When inquired as to whether he needed to play a superhuman, DiCaprio reacted, “You never know. They’re getting better and better as far as complex characters in these movies. I haven’t yet. But no, I don’t rule out anything.” It appears DiCaprio is available to a hero film under the correct conditions.

At the point when the updates on Warner Bros. Joker cause film broke, Martin Scorsese was recorded among the makers. Sources expressed the studio was trusting Scorsese’s inclusion would bait DiCaprio to the task.

The arrangement didn’t work, and with DC presenting the multiverse in 2022, this could be one explanation DiCaprio avoided these kinds of motion pictures. An independent film may entice DiCaprio more than reproducing a character in a long-running establishment.

DiCaprio stays elusive with regards to featuring a superhuman vehicle, in spite of numerous A-listers anxiously joining themselves to these prominent tasks. DiCaprio knows about the Marvel universe: his dad was an underground funnies wholesaler [via Rolling Stone].

The on-screen character is additionally a colossal fanatic of Stan Lee. Prior to his demise, Lee asserted DiCaprio was keen on playing the comic book legend in a biopic. DiCaprio may consistently be the kind of entertainer who is progressively keen on playing the man behind the covers than any of the characters wearing them.

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