Music mixing is a skill that is not acquired by all. Just like poetry, it comes naturally to a human being. Colt (his website is has done specialization in sound engineering from SAE. Currently, he is a freelancer based in New York. He holds the title of assistant mixing of the song Man of the Year by the late Juice Wrld which was produced by Rex Kudo, Skrillex, and Heavy Mellow. They all are renowned music producers in the industry.  This song was from the posthumous album Legends Never Die which is even certified as double platinum. Colt (MixedbyColt) along with producers worked so hard on this song. They worked day and night on this song to meet the deadline for the release of the album. They even used to spend the whole day and night at Skrillex Studio to make this song added to the album and become a global hit on Spotify.

Colt (MixedbyColt) was the song’s assistant mixer, and the song continues to be on Spotify’s Top Chart list. This song was on the charts not just in the US but also in the UK. Colt served as the assistant mixer for the song Man of the Year on this album, which was posthumously published but managed to catch the attention of music fans. Hip-hop and rap is a genre that is famous among teenagers and youngsters for their beat and mixing. However, music mixing is not considered tough work or a task that requires skill. Surely, it is a skill that is why different universities offer specialization in this area to enhance the skill. Mixing is not about putting different sounds together and setting the different levels rather it is a careful mixing of all sounds from different sources that they blend to make a harmony yet they do not the essence or originality of each sound. It is about harmony and blending of different without losing the individuality of each sound. Thus, this is a tough job that needs to be maintained. This job was brilliantly assisted by Colt for the song Man of the Year. Colt has also collaborated with well-known rap and music producers. Rap is the most expressive genre in the music business since it embodies a person’s wildest and most introspective thoughts, and combining music with wild thoughts isn’t for everyone.

Colt has always been a good student at college, but he didn’t invest his energy only in studying day and night. He used to study in the morning. At night, he used to practice what he has learned in class by working in the studio all night. This practice of hard work gave him the opportunity to work with great producers to work on the song of the late singer.  Colt has always been a good student, and with the help of his professors, he improved his abilities while attending college. We cannot ignore the fact that Legends Never Die, which Colt is a part of and features his talent and skills on, is one of the most popular posthumous albums in the USA in the previous 20 years. Colt has opted to use sound engineering and music mixing as a platform to express his emotion by harmonizing all the musical sources. The song Man of the Year is the symbol of the late singer, and it is also the symbol of the hard work of the producer and Colt to meet the deadline and present the skills. From this and the hype of the song, it is obvious that your hard work never goes unnoticed. Colt’s Instagram is @mixedbycolt and website is

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