Antony, a simple 25-year-old guy from Bari, has decided to share his experience regarding his job. According to him, his occupation is often misunderstood in a foolish way, considered an extremely difficult activity or even labeled as a scam. However, Antony has obtained a master’s degree called “Technical Analysis of Financial Markets,” which certifies his expertise in the field of trading and finance. Therefore, his work is by no means a scam but rather a study based on thorough analysis.

Online trading is a method for investing in the stock market conveniently from home, using one’s own computer or any other internet-connected device. Online trading involves buying or selling financial securities via the internet. These securities can be stocks, currencies, bonds, options, or others, and they are traded through an online broker who acts on our behalf.

Antony serves as a tangible example of the earnings that can be achieved, often reaching figures in the hundreds of thousands of euros. He is dedicated to his professional reality, offering comprehensive training in trading, investments, and finance to anyone interested. The main difference is that, after completing their selective courses, he offers them the opportunity to have trading accounts managed with several thousands of euros. This means that the client does not need to add additional funds to engage in trading, as Antonio will handle the account management for them.

Over the years, Antonio has achieved significant milestones in his career. In 2021, he obtained his first managed account with a value of €80,000. In 2022, two more accounts were added, each with a value of €500,000, both supported by official certifications. Finally, in 2023, Antonio acquired a third managed account valued at €200,000.

Antony successfully participated in the Master’s program in Technical Analysis of Financial Markets, issued by the Italian Technical Analysis Society, the leading organization in Italy that provides expertise and certifications in this field. His qualification is recognized in both Italy and Europe, and it is signed and approved by the Italian treasurer.

In summary, Antony Rossi has achieved numerous milestones in his professional life and sincerely hopes to share his knowledge with as many people as possible.

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