WWE Studios Inc. stepped forward as of late as a new report takes note of that the division will producing films close by Netflix moving ahead.

The assention requires WWE’s film division and Netflix to deliver family situated movies together that will go directly to the streaming service. The first film as a component of the new assention has the working title The Main Event and will start filming this summer.

As per PWInsider’s report, the working story for the film is that it will be focused on a 10 year old kid who is being bullied at school yet has the fantasy of one day turning into a WWE superstar. The film will probably highlight different WWE stars, with Sheamus, The Miz and Bray Wyatt officially affirmed. There’s likewise the likelihood of John Cena showing up, at any rate in a minor job, late in the motion picture as the present content is requiring that. As per the report, the kid in the film proceeds to end up “The Spaghetti Kid” in the wake of finding he acquires superhuman quality from his break cereal. The content likewise incorporates references to WWE NXT.

WWE Films initially formed in 2002 and is presently known as WWE Studios Inc. The division has had a section in delivering 55 films as of November of a year ago with their latest release, Blood Brother, featuring R-Truth. The first film that the division had a job in delivering was Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Scorpion King in 2002, which was his initially featuring job following his film debut in The Mummy Returns the previous year.

The next film release that WWE Studios has a job in will battle With My Family on February 22nd. The motion picture follows the life of WWE superstar Paige and was co-produced close by Dwayne Johnson’s production organization, Seven Bucks Productions.

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