With the onset of social media, the past decade has unraveled an incredible way to showcase talent, market businesses, and share information. Engaging and efficient content has become the new norm with Instagram and recently TikTok, and few have cracked the code to success like entrepreneur Zhi Ko. With almost 500K followers on TikTok, his company NekozTek has been growing at the speed of light.

The company is a collective of online gaming, technology, and many other fields that make it especially unique. CEO/Co-founder Ko has over seven years of experience, and with his latest media branding concepts, he has grown his business to be one of the most successful players in the game. As a brand, NekozTek reaches millions of people through its content and digital presence. “Our team is highly capable of combining innovation with market trends for high powered brands on a variety of platforms and builds on innovation,” Ko says.

Ko grew up loving sports and engineering. Post his graduation, he took his passion for gaming to another level and incorporated his technical skills to create NekozTek. Since then, the brand has helped him create a powerful e-sports community and run multiple businesses around the niches of finance, cryptocurrency, marketing, advertising through social media, and more. He regularly works with professionals from new and established businesses and elucidates how it helps him gain a more informed perspective.

Online gaming tutorials and themed videos do especially well in terms of audience interaction when all elements, from filming and editing to hashtags, and originality are spot-on. Though it can be cumbersome to figure out the ever-evolving algorithm, content creator and manager Ko has undoubtedly succeeded, and NekozTek’s growth is booming. He explains, ”Online gaming is about forming personal connections with the audience and leaving lasting impressions that spark action.”

Ko has been featured and interviewed by many prestigious names such as Forbes, NY Weekly, Time Business News, among others, for his innovative approach and trendsetting content. His team of competent individuals has racked up tons of testimonials for their creative methods, problem-solving skills, and marketing strategy. As a gaming enthusiast and professional, Zhi Ko has garnered recognition and huge success in his field.

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