2020 has been a turbulent year for entrepreneurs globally. Some have succumbed while some others succeeded, but all have had to restructure the way they work. There is an art to finding opportunity in distress, and Michael Timothy Johnson sure knows it well. As a successful entrepreneur today, he shares 5 powerful tips for anyone looking to thrive amidst the pandemic.

1. Ask the right questions

As a motivational speaker and consultant, Johnson believes that the most valuable answers stem from asking the right questions. He shares, “The difference between success and failure is perfecting strengths while minimizing weaknesses. Most only do either, but both hold equal importance.”

2. Have multiple streams of income

At the age of 27, Johnson is an inspiration to many. His YouTube channel alone has more than 14 million views. He conducts personal and group consultations on topics ranging from physical fitness to motivation to generating multiple streams of income among others. He explains, “I help people become their best version by investing in themselves.” Multiple income streams, active and passive, also guarantee peace of mind during crises such as COVID-19.

3. Find and implement ways of perfecting your craft

Johnson says, “Whatever you are doing, or want to be doing, there are always new ways of being better at it.” He is a firm advocate of keeping oneself in check and finding challenges to conquer. He recently launched his line of merchandise and currently uses Skype to interact with clients globally.

4. Know that your personal and professional lives are deeply interconnected

Many live under the impression that they need to keep their work-life separate from their personal lives. Johnson shares that when he feels fulfilled in his personal life, he can focus on and improve the quality of his professional life and vice versa. Maintaining a balance between the two is the key to true accomplishment.

5. Become someone you would want to look up to

Johnson’s most powerful tip is to attain success without resorting to any unethical means. The journey is long and arduous, and one must uphold themselves to high moral standards. In his words, “The learning curve is a test of your character, with obstacles running throughout the course. Work on becoming the kind of person you’d be proud of, and the success and money will follow.”

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