This Friday’s Talking Turkey with Kanthi episode was not on any sport or prevailing issue associated with the sport. In fact, it is about the founder Ms. Kanthi D Suresh and her journey from an employee to an entrepreneur.

It needs the courage to call own self NOBODY! But the lady is so honest not only about the content that she presents on her channel but also about her own self as well.

In an exclusive interview with Arjun Chaudhry, Ms. Kanthi revealed how was it to step forward into the male-dominated field and then desiring to succeed as well, which is of course not easy for anyone, especially for a woman. For the first time, you will witness Ms. Kanthi sitting on the other side of the table and answering all questions. However, you may find it casual, but what you can learn from the whole thing is “How an elite behaves even when the role changes?” Her class and charismatic behavior throughout the interview was amazing.

No matter how hard it has been for Ms. Kanthi to work towards her passion, no matter how many people and how much she lost in the process, the determination to NEVER GIVE UP makes her what she is today! She perfectly exemplifies WHY A PERSON SHOULD CHOOSE HIS/HER PASSION in life, by becoming someone the world would desire to be from being NOBODY!!

To know more about Ms. Kanthi’s Impressive Journey from an employee to a successful entrepreneur in the field dominated by males, do WATCH the latest episode of Talking Turkey with Kanthi! Trust hardly you get to see Interviewer on the other side of the table, and when it happens, it’s worth WATCHING! DO WATCH!! 

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