Mythri Movie Makers proudly present “GOOD BAD UGLY,” starring Ajith Kumar and Adhik Ravichandran. Filming is set to begin in June 2024, with a Pongal release date of 2025.

One of the most renowned and prestigious production companies in the Indian film industry, Mythri Movie Makers, is pleased to formally announce the cast of their upcoming project starring Ajith Kumar. The film, titled “Good Bad Ugly,” was written and directed by Adhik Ravichandran. Rockstar Devi Sri Prasad provided the soundtrack. It’s an honour to work with the legendary star Ajith Kumar sir, says producer Naveen Yerneni of Mythri Movie Makers. The script and narration by director Adhik Ravichandran were incredibly captivating right away. they are thrilled to bring to life an intense and captivating cinematic encounter for movie buffs and enthusiasts.

“ “It’s a pleasure to collaborate with Ajith Kumar sir,” says producer Y Ravi Shankar of Mythri Movie Makers. With this film, Adhik will be able to further showcase his directorial skills, which were demonstrated in his earlier works.

“There are priceless moments in everyone’s life and career, and this one is beyond my belief,” says director Adhik Ravichandran. It has long been my dream to work with my matinee idol, AK Sir, and I’m emotionally exhausted doing so. “I express my gratitude to producers Naveen Yerneni and Ravi Shankar for this chance.A skilled technical team contributes their knowledge to one of the largest Indian cinematic productions with this film.In June 2024, Good Bad Ugly filming will begin. In 2025, the action thriller will have a lavish Pongal release.”

Technical Team:

Author and director Adhik Ravichandran, Director of Photography Abinandhan Ramanujan, Musician Devi Sri Prasad, Editor Vijay Velukutty Pros: Suresh Chandra, Vamsi Shekar, Supreme Sundar, Kaloian Vodenicharov, Anu Vardhan, Stylist, First Show, D’one, Marketing (Tamil), Sound design: Suren, Creative designs for publicity by ADFX Ambani, CEO Cherry, Chief Executive Producer Dinesh Narasimhan, and Producers NAVEEN YERNENI-Y RAVI SHANKAR.

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