The e-commerce giant announced on Monday that it has begun distributing its customized electric delivery vans in Europe from Rivian. This will be Rivian’s most memorable business shipment of vans outside the US.

The main tranche of 300 vans will be seen on roads in Munich, Berlin and Dusseldorf before very long. According to the company, Amazon already operates a fleet of thousands of electric vans throughout Europe, including over 1,000 e-vans in Germany. The previous year, Amazon stated that it intended to invest more than €1 billion in electrifying its transportation network in Europe.

According to Rocco Bräuniger, Amazon’s country manager, in a statement, “Amazon is committed to reaching net-zero carbon by 2040, and reducing our delivery-related emissions is a critical part of this goal.” With electric vans and e-cargo bikes, we delivered more than 45 million packages in Germany last year. These new Rivian additions will help us deliver packages to more customers and in a more sustainable manner.

In the United States, Amazon began using Rivian vans last summer and claims to have over 3,000 of them delivering packages to over 500 markets. The company has placed an order with Rivian for 100,000 vans, with an anticipated delivery date of 2030.

Amazon stated that it began testing deliveries with pre-production Rivian vehicles last year in Europe. The results of those tests were used by Rivian to make improvements to the vehicle’s performance, safety, comfort, functionality, and durability. In order to better fit on European roadways, Rivian delivery vans in Europe are specially designed to be shorter and thinner than their American counterparts.

In a statement, Amazon talked about some of the features of the custom vans. The vans have an enormous windshield to give the driver more noteworthy perceivability and standard high level driver help frameworks that include programmed crisis slowing down, versatile journey control and crash alerts. Additionally, they are equipped with technology that enables routing, navigation, and driver support to be integrated into the delivery workflow. The driver’s lodge and freight region are ergonomically intended for solace, and the driver’s side entryway has been reinforced to give extra assurance.

Several months after the electric vehicle startup and Mercedes-Benz put their plans to jointly produce electric commercial vans in Europe on hold, Rivian makes its first delivery in Europe. At that point, Rivian said it expected to zero in on its purchaser vehicle business — selling the R1T truck and R1S SUV — and its current business with Amazon.

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