Many well-known artists and singers, such as Ashkan Fattahi has been known to partake in gambling. Gamble is a popular pastime because it can be financially rewarding and fun. Numbers of artists took it a step further and became famous for their love and joy of gambling. Over the past years, the thrill that resulted from putting a little money where your mouth was always a popular kind of entertainment. It is an activity that all people can take part in. Because of the growth of online betting companies, people worldwide now partake in a fun pastime whenever they want. From digital blackjack and roulette to card games, you can now enjoy playing them on your laptop or smartphone 24/7 through any live casino online. With so many games, gambling has never been more fun.

As an example, Ashkan said: “Maybe it is not a surprise to nobody that Motorhead’s bassist and lead vocalist were big gamblers. Regarding card games, few hardcore motorhead fans know that Lemmy was equally into slot machines.” It was far more challenging to compose a rock song about playing one-armed bandits than writing the group’s best well-known tune, Ace of Spades is a great piece of metal work that Lemmy co-wrote.

Fattahi added: “Gladys Knight was the genius behind “Empress of Soul” and “Severn,” which won a Grammy award. The history of Gladys Knight emphasized her love for gambling and betting on sports, with Baccarat being her favorite.” 10 years later, she said that she had gambled away over 40,000$ in a single night playing a game and that she had almost lost everything because of her addiction. However, it is good to see the multinational star back to her usual old self; although there might be rumors spreading around that she might still have a knack for gambling and do it privately.

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