Astrologer Jade Luna, who recreated Asterian Astrology-the ancient sidereal system of the Greeks said to us that Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter are all moving into the dark constellation of Capricorn under a star called Natura (Uttara Ashadha) January-March of 2020.

This star is ruled over by Gia or “Mother Earth” and this will create massive transitions on our planet. Jade Luna goes as far as to mention that these transitions will start around an eclipse on December 25th, 2019 and will last till the summer 2020 eclipse on June 21st. He said that this ecliptic period was a tag team between the goddess Hecate (The Goddess of Transformation) and the God Prometheus (God of Humanity).

The combination of these deities and the heavyweight planets Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter moving into Capricorn (sidereal) conjuncting the star Natura “earth” would be too much for the planet to handle at once. “There are five big punches thrown at earth in a short period of time. Life should return to a “new normalcy” after we have been tested to the core.” The eclipse of Dec 26th, 2019 is under the star Hecate (Mula/Jyotish) and this star is about getting to the Core or root of all problems and is associated with “hard change” Jade says. These changes would escalate through March and April and start to decline by the eclipse of June 21, 2020 as “Hecate”, the goddess of transformation passes the torch to the humanity deity “Prometheus.” Alignments like this can produce a wide variety of deep universal transitions such as debilitating volcanic eruptions, earthquakes in rare locations, pandemics, epidemics, meteorites hitting earth and there could be a surge of mental issues as Saturn and Jupiter hit the opposing sign of Cancer.

I anticipate these changes to be literal as sidereal astrology, Vedic and Asterian Astrology deal with real physical transitions. Jade Luna has a strong astrology practice in Los Angles and is also a musician for a Dark Electronica project that is signed to Cleopatra Records that has performed with other major bands such as Mushroomhead, Poweman 500, ICP and 45 Grave.

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