Astra meant to arrive at circle out of the blue today (Aug. 27), yet the organization’s Rocket 3.3 cut short the takeoff without a moment to spare.

The 43-foot-tall (13 meters) Rocket 3.3, otherwise called Launch Vehicle 006, was ready to take off from the Pacific Spaceport Complex on Alaska’s Kodiak Island today at 5:45 p.m. EDT (2145 GMT) on an achievement orbital dry run. What’s more, that practically occurred: The commencement clock arrived at nothing and the rocket’s first-stage motors lighted, yet they shut down very quickly.

“It sounds like the abort was called by our guidance system near T-zero,” an Astra team member said in a webcast of today’s launch attempt. “It looks like the engines successfully lit but the guidance system called abort.”

There were as yet a couple of hours left in the present dispatch window, however Astra chose to remain down to explore and investigate the issue. There’s no large hurry to get the two-stage Rocket 3.3 going; day by day dispatch openings for the mission go through Sept. 11. Astra has not yet declared when the following attempt will be.

Astra, which is situated in California’s Bay Area, has endeavored two orbital experimental drills to date, in September and December of last year. The organization’s Rocket 3.1 experienced a direction issue during the main mission and slammed soon after takeoff. Its replacement, Rocket 3.2, arrived at space however ran out of fuel not long prior to accomplishing orbital speed.

Astra resolved these issues with changes and moves up to Rocket 3.3, which remains around 5 feet (1.5 m) taller than its two quick archetypes and components an all the more impressive upper stage, among different alterations. The new sponsor is likewise conveying a payload, a first for an Astra dispatch endeavor.

That payload is a mass test system for the U.S. Division of Defense’s Space Test Program. It won’t be sent during the forthcoming mission.

Astra constructs mass-created, adaptable and savvy rockets intended to dispatch little satellites to circle. The organization has large desires, pointing ultimately to dispatch on an almost every day rhythm from an assortment of locales all throughout the planet.

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