Cotton is the most common fabric used for making underwear. It feels soft and lasts long. But it isn’t the most lightweight fabric. Moreover, it becomes softer over time and sometimes loses its shape. That means you need to invest in a new set of underwear sooner than later. Wouldn’t it be great if you came across a fabric that would feel soft, lightweight, last long, and wouldn’t lose shape even if you wash the underwear frequently? That’s precisely what Bamboo Underwear offers. It makes underwear using viscose fabric, which is known for being soft, lightweight, and durable.

Longevity of viscose

Viscose is a rayon-based fiber that comes from natural cellulose fiber that you usually find in bamboo. It is not a completely natural material, not a completely synthetic material, making it ideal for underwear. The natural-based fiber maintains the coolness and softness that you usually look for while buying underwear, leggings, and shorts. Additionally, it offers a relaxed fit, thus ensuring that you don’t feel uncomfortable after putting the underwear on.

The comfort fit means the fabric doesn’t squeeze or sit tightly against your skin. Instead, it lets your skin breathe by leaving a slight gap between your skin and the fabric. Women usually complain that they feel suffocated when they wear underwear for too long. Most underwear doesn’t have the moisture-wicking feature that viscose has. And that makes viscose a superior fabric to any other fabric used for making underwear. It dries quickly. That means if you work out wearing viscose underwear, you can expect it to dry before you reach home. This usually doesn’t happen with other commonly used fabrics.

Another factor that makes viscose the best material for underwear is it has excellent color retention. Bamboo Underwear users never complain that their underwear’s color fades away over time. It retains its original color even if you wash the underwear frequently. This makes it the most versatile fabric for making underwear.

Bamboo Underwear collections

Bamboo Underwear is one of the most popular underwear brands in the world right now. It uses Oeko Tex 100 standard-certified viscose that comes from FSC-certified farms. These farms grow bamboo organically. It doesn’t use chemicals to extract viscose. And that’s why its products have Oeko Tex 100 standard certification. 

This brand has a wide range of underwear and bottom wear collections for both men and women. You can find stylish boxers for men that retain your underwear’s color, comfort, and shape even if you wear it frequently. On the other hand, there are tons of products for women, such as bralettes, bras, leggings and lounge collections, women’s thongs, briefs, and boxers, and the finest intimate collections. 

You can completely rely on the longevity of Bamboo Underwear’s products. It’s a brand trusted by a lot of celebrities. You can imagine the focus that goes into ensuring that each product meets the quality requirements of the company. 

It is easy to find tons of underwear brands that promise comfort and the latest designs. But only a few can meet that expectation. And Bamboo Underwear exceeds expectations by staying true to its commitment to redefining comfortable underwear.

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