Rising Kentucky artists Elz Bentley is back to drop off his catchy rap/pop record titled ‘Bentley 9’. 

Bentley 9 is a smooth, vibey love song that captures the essence of a modern situationship. It speaks to the excitement of connecting with someone special in the midst of a wild party. The artist shares his genuine feelings and intentions, “wearing his heart on his sleeve” as he searches for the girl he lusts for in the crowd. The song also highlights the anticipation and thrill of exploring each other’s desires and being with someone who stands out from the rest. Ultimately, it’s a celebration of finding that one person who completes you in every way! Someone who “does everything that they (others) don’t.” Lines that stick out to us are the hilarious “put me to sleep I need a CPAP” & of course the always repeatable and catchy “WHERE YOU HIDING?” The infectious chorus is truly one you’ll catch yourself singing & repeating throughout the day. 

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