The Anti-aging injections at CG cosmetic surgery miami contain the nutrient which is the essential and effective item that treats your skin. It is an efficient proven treatment to get rid of stubborn acne scars. It is highly effective in getting rid of the acne. The other yet imperative thing that helps you in disposing of the scars on skin is its unique formula.

It feeds your skin and weakens the sleek impact of the hormones on the skin. It will never make your skin dry because of the vicinity of the water. In short it is the best cure of the skin break out and wrinkles. There are numerous clinics and magnificence parlors and the healthy skin focuses that utilization it as the best medicine.


The injection Cannulas Set is extremely effective for liposuction. It is a cosmetic process that eradicates fat from your body. It is an amazing method to get rid of the fat without exercise and diet. A dermatologic and plastic surgeon does this surgery on face, buttocks, thighs and belly to improve the shape. This procedure is good and is performed with other surgeries such as tummy tucks, breast reductions and facelifts. With the help of the modern tools, this procedure becomes easy. This instrument works with firmly elastic skin.


1 Luer Lock syringe Cap

1 Luer Lock holding device

5mm, 1.0mm micro injection cannula

1 Luer Lock, 4cmm, 0.8mm Micro Injection Cannula

12cm and 1.5mm Luer Lock Tumescent Infiltractor Cannula

Luer Lock, 20cm, 2.5mm, Multi Holes Harvester Cannula Model

Luer Lock, 10 cm, 1.2mm, Openc Port Injection Cannula

These are easily connected several Luer lock handles and luer lock syringes. These are all reusable and users can sterilize these syringes. It comes with Life time Warranty.

The laser scar removal helps to keep your skin healthy-looking, stimulating, improved and fresh. It is extremely helpful to utilize these excellent items to make yourself beautiful and charming. It snatches the attention of the majority through the broad healthy skin in everywhere throughout the world. The mission is to spread delight and present you with the smile that makes you more youthful.It is highly beneficial for raising the glow of your skin. It improves the vitality of your body. It gives natural shine and nourishment to the skin. Using this item enhances the shine of the facial skin. It contains no artificial chemicals or formulas. These ingredients are innovative to increase the allure of your look.

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