Today we were lucky enough to sit down with Dakota Elder and discuss his upbringing and success!  

What made you start making TikTok?

I started my account in April 2020.  I broke my ribs doing a Red Bull shoot so I didn’t have anything else to do and I decided to give it a shot.           

When did you first go viral on Tiktok ?It took me about a week to figure out the algorithm and get my first million viewed videos. It was a looped video that people didn’t know when the video was over.           

When you downloaded Tiktok. Did you think all this would happen? Absolutely not. When I first started I thought maybe I could get 100k followers in a year but I didn’t actually believe it would happen for me. 1 million was just a fantasy for me that I didn’t think was possible or reasonable. I ended up gaining 400k followers in my first month.

How do you stay away from TikTok drama ?

I have seen a lot of videos talking bad about me but I just choose to not care, I honestly just think it’s funny.

What are the most views you’ve gotten on a video ? The most views I have currently is about 14 million on a video of me falling into my pool.What is your least favourite part about being a TikTok influencer ? 

My least favorite thing about being a TikTok influencer is when people ask what I do and I say I make TikTok videos they always look at me weird and laugh sometimes.           

Who have you collabed with on videos ? 

All of my videos have been Solo so far

.What is your favourite place to film a video? 

My favorite place to film a video is out at the pool. Because it helps make the videos look nicer and they always seem to do better when I am at the pool theres a secret to making videos and going viral ?

Yes there are secrets but the most important advice is to just make a video that catches the viewer’s attention.

Do you start trends or go with the trend? 

I start trends, I have to make sure when I post a video I make it really good, because as soon as I post a bunch of people will copy my videos almost exactly and sometimes get more views than mine. I don’t really get the credits for the trends I start but that is fine, that’s just how TikTok is. 

How do you handle hate and negative comments ? 

I do not put my attention on any negativity from my comments, but sometimes if it’s really bad I will just delete the comment.

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