Sav Did It, a rapper, audio engineer, and producer, is shining in the music world due to his exceptional music. The music artist is known for producing detailed music for his audience. His music is filled with smooth flow and catchy sounds.

Sav Did It is based in Long Beach, CA and he has mixed and mastered music for hundreds of musicians around the country. He has co-produced and rapped on a group project with his team, VST. The music artist has got many music videos to his name and he instills hypnotizing drum sounds and beats in his songs. He also works for bookings, creates beats and mixes the music, and creates his own vocals. He has a YouTube channel by name of Sav Did It. On which his songs and reels are uploaded, and his fans can view them.

Sav Did It is a singer who has excellent vocal, and his voice is amazing which wins the hearts of people. He is the artist who has studio grip because along with singing you also have to move with the environment and your voice should not fluctuate with the changing in the surroundings. Singing is a talent and along with  singing harmonizing with the music and matching the voice with the background music is something different which is difficult for most of the singers, but he has a grip on it.

As student life brings stress and depression so music is the way to reduce that feeling of anxiety and stress. Sav Did It has a more powerful and energetic vocal and songs which leads to the reduction of stress. His Music also leads to the improvement in concentration. For every task concentration is the most important thing so when one will lack in concentrating on the things then he will lose the race and for students’ concentration is the most important thing.

Music also leads to the improvement in language and speech of the students. His music is a way which  leads towards this improvement and it is also very important fact.

Until now, Sav Did It has two solo music albums namely, “M.A.D.E” and “Omertà, on the cards. The popular songs of the artist are Liquor Store, Fast Life, High Beams, Winning, and On Sight. Recently, the music artist released the single, “Winning”, which is produced by Voice2Hard Music & Film Productions.

Currently, Sav Did It is busy working on his 3rd and 4th solo projects titled, “West Coast Capo Vol. 1” and “West Coast Capo Vol. 2”. These two new projects of the artist will be released this summer. Sav Did It has collaborated with many music artists for his music works.

The names of these artists are Tha Hookstah, Doggystyleeee, West Whoadie, and Lamont Taylor. Sav Did It is associated with VST Music Group and EMPIRE. Moreover, the artist gives production credits to E-40, Future, Quavo, etc.

IG: @savdidit


Twitter: @savdidit

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