Tiwaii Funchess is a buzzing 14 year-old artist based out of the Carolinas. With so many different artists now trying to budge their way into the art world, it is so hard to separate oneself from the crowd. The only way to do this is to come up with your own unique style. Tiwaii Funchess does a nice job of this by separating himself from other artists around him. This applies in both the actual world, and his art.

Tiwaii Funchess is fortunate enough to have built a strong cult like fan base across his social media pages, on Instagram he has a following of 16,000. He has already collaborated with many big names in the social media community and the music industry. Tiwaii’s art had played a big role in his success because how easily it can catch the eye.

Instagram: Instagram.com/tiwaiifunchess

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