Being an artist entails more than just making art. They also have to consider exhibitions, selling their pieces, and other activities that could gain them recognition and income for what they do. It may seem easy, but it takes a lot of the artists’ time and effort.

Indian artist Nisha Kapoor is no stranger to dealing with the additional responsibilities of being an artist. Because of her vivid paintings that represent her blissful and mystic inner world, art critics and collectors from around the world are eager to get their hands on Nisha’s work. 

Finding Balance 

Since Nisha’s located in one part of the world, and her buyers in other areas, she struggled with balancing her time to sell her art. 

“Striking a balance between my work, keeping up with selling, and exhibiting my art was getting challenging. I would have buyers and galleries approach me from across the world, and we used to connect in time zones different from mine,” she said. 

Nisha added that she used to wake up groggy-eyed because of having to deal with different time zones. Realizing that this shouldn’t be the norm for her when selling her art, Nisha decided to make more time for it. 

By doing this, the process became natural to Nisha and has helped her set boundaries for herself while being able to connect with art collectors around the world. 

Part Of A Bigger Circle 

About two years ago, Nisha Kapoor started her career as a painter. In a short period, she became popular with her work regarded by famous art collectors and critiques as very unique and “never seen before.”

She’s also recognized by known personalities in the art scene and has been invited by world-famous platforms such as the International Association of Visuals Artists, which eventually led to Nisha receiving the UNESCO badge of affiliation for her art. 

This affiliation brought Nisha more than just an avenue to showcase her work. It also helps her connect with other art bodies and other related institutions in the industry. 

But Nisha sees international recognition as more than just a way to further her career. It’s also a way for her to connect with other artists across the globe. 

“As an artist, I am connected with my art first. Fraternity of artists and audiences came along the way and I cherish every connection I have made in my journey so far. And I am glad to be connected to many artists and art professionals in that manner,” she said. 
Get to know more about Nisha Kapoor through her Instagram account (@errtistic).

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