Music is another kind of worship, it has no caste, religion or place. Music is the necessary peace and it is the necessary joy.”- TheSignatures

Meet the small town boy with millions of dreams in his eyes started his singing career in 2020. “TheSignatures” is well known Hindi, singer & Rapper from Gurgaon,Haryana. Being an amazing singer who has different kind of sounds in his voice and talks,

 he has huge fan following from different corners of India. He has came a long way with his passion for music & when you examine his journey, you can see how much work he has done in a short period.

 That time is not far when you will see him in Bollywood music industry. He has made a special place in every music lover’s heart with his music. Not only this

“TheSignatures” have a Heart of Gold, he helps the people & poor who are in need. “Daksh Sharma” is down to Earth person, no one will see any star attitude in him.

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