Lorne Michaels and NBC are clearly new to “tempting fate,” or, in all likelihood they would by no means be doing what they’re doing with the next week’s post-election episode of Saturday Night Live: As declared the previous evening (through Deadline), the next week’s episode will be facilitated by none other than Dave Chappelle, who won an Emmy for hosting the first episode after the 2016 election.

So this is obviously a convention now, however ideally “Chappelle hosting SNL” is the main thing this shares practically speaking with his 2016 scene. They could revive a few portrayals or whatever (the 2016 scene had a splendid “Inside SNL” post-sketch analysis sketch that was clever enough that it should’ve been crashed into the ground at this point), yet we’re discussing… you know, what happened a couple of days before the scene broadcasted that commenced three straight long stretches of wretchedness and afterward one more year that trained us we didn’t have the foggiest idea about the significance of the goddamn word.

Hell, airing a episode at all one week from now appears as though an extremely striking called-shot. It wasn’t initially on the timetable, yet SNL extended to a remarkable six-week run of shows with no weeks off so it could air a scene on November 7.

In the event that the terrible thing occurs, who will be in a state of mood for jokes? Chappelle worked admirably last time, yet Trump hadn’t gotten down to business yet. There was as yet an opportunity things wouldn’t be as awful as we as a whole accepted, however in the years since, things have been far more atrocious than many individuals expected.

Chappelle won’t have the option to state “we’ll give you a shot as long as you give people like me a shot” (as he did last time), since Trump has just had his shot and he utilized it to separate kids from the guardians at the fringe and regulate the passings of 231,000 Americans as though they don’t implied anything.

There’s an opportunity the awful thing won’t occur, clearly, yet in the event that you’re feeling hopeful, at that point we’d prefer to realize where you’ve been throughout the previous four years and whether we can go along with you there in a couple of days.

Anyway, SNL’s declaration tweet didn’t specify a musical guest, so perhaps Chappelle carry out double responsibility for reasons unknown. Likewise, we should not discuss a portion of the other stuff Chappelle has done as of late and simply center around the political decision until further notice. We can only handle so much.

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