The newest Killer of the Dead by Daylight has been exposed by the developers of the game. “Demise of the Faithful” is the next chapter of the game. You can see the first look of the chapter in the new trailer of the game. Game enthusiasts can get the first look of the game. There is another female killer introduced in the game.

Behaviour Interactive, the developers of the game has revealed the new Killer in The Plague which is the new trailer of the game. There is also the next survivor in the game. They have also confirmed the new map in the game. Behaviour Interactive has unveiled the new killer of the game. However, they have not revealed the abilities of the killer. You can only see the introduction of the new killer by the trailer. You cannot see what she is capable of doing.

The Newest Killer is inspired by the Japanese Mythology. It is assumed to be having spider-like powers to throw some substance at the enemies to kill them. It is unclear how the new killer is going to fight with the enemies. However, you can be sure about the survivor and the map. The Temple of Purgation is the new map of the game. You can clearly see the themes in the trailer.

Behaviour Interactive have not yet declared the release date of the new chapter of the game. It features Kimura Rua. She rides a futuristic motorcycle. She is then stopped by Oni. Oni is creepy and terrifying. The introduction of Kimura Rua and Oni gives the players new challenges to face.

The entrance of Oni is quite horrifying. The newest killer blends well with the diversified cast of the killers. Oni is a petrifying and frightening killer in the game.

Dead by Daylight is a game in which the players take the role of 18 killers. Every killer has a different killer power which helps them hunt for the survivor. Their killer power allows them to capture the survivors and strike them with their particular weapon. They have special abilities to quickly knock down the survivors.

The design of the new chapter is quite cool. The new map is inspired by the Japanese theme. It creates a horrifying environment. Players are very excited about the entry of the newest killer entry into the game. Oni is going to one of the strongest killers of the game. You don’t know her true abilities yet. But because of her drastic entrance, we can be sure that she is going to have amazing abilities.

The chapter seems quite cool. It comes with special animations which are quite terrifying. However, the performance of the chapter depends on Oni. She needs to have some promising killer powers to take the game to the next level. We will have to wait to see the full capability of the newest killer of the game.

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