The official title track of Bengali superstar Jeet’s eagerly awaited film “Manush” has been released ahead of its theatrical run, and it is an absolute hit. With one sing-along track, this powerful hard rock song offers the whole package.

Rich with powerful guitar melodies, the song begins slowly and mellowly, almost having a melancholic quality. However, as soon as background guitar sounds start to play, the song picks up speed and features powerful, punchy riffs.

The song, which deviates from popular cinema, is quite distinctive because, despite having a lot of movie-style elements, it is still purely hard rock with two incredible solos that occasionally turn into a shred fest.

Although the drumming is rather simple, it effectively creates the groove and the bass is audible. The song features a lot of synths and has a lot of similarities to contemporary hard rock bands.

However, the addition of movie music gives it a slightly different feel, and Anbu Shelvan’s composition with Aneek Dhar and Saavy’s singing really makes it stand out.

The title track is groovy, punchy, catchy, powerful, passionate, and heartfelt. It has all the elements of a rock song and movie soundtrack. The riffs even have some heavy metal elements to them.

This song is ideal for a mass-market action movie, and the production value of the song is enormous. A music video featuring various perspectives from the film also features some amazing visuals.

In addition to its occasional use of pure masala, the movie also has some somber moments that depict a sort of emotional upheaval and an interestingly damaged hero.

Sanjoy Sommader’s film “Manush: Child of Destiny,” which is being released in Bangla and Hindi as well, will hit theaters on November 24. ASIANS

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