No, we aren’t alluding to the famous Internet web search tool, however to Santhanam, who is named Google in this most recent dark parody. He’s from a distant land, yet he voyages numerous nations, just to some way or another advance toward Chennai, where he turns out to be so partial to individuals and the language that the voyager chooses to ‘settle down’, doing unspecialized temp jobs and aiding individuals. They say, ‘Vandhaarai Vazhavaikkum Thamizhagam’ (Tamil Nadu supports the individuals who come to live here). It does as such for Google as well.

In the mean time, in one more area of the city, a burial service is on, and two siblings are furious that their relative is busy. They are resolved that she doesn’t see her dad’s face, regardless of whether it’s once and for all. Somewhere else, there’s a young person who needs to test his bustling dad’s affection towards him. How are these interconnected, you might inquire. They are, in the Rathna Kumar-coordinated Gulu’s universe.

Gulu has a lot of senseless circumstances penetrating the serious happenings, however the story is basically ancient. A diverse gathering is participated in a seize and things go haywire. A pack engaged with something serious gets caught in this wreck. There’s an instance of mixed up personality as well, and this connects to Mr Google, who needs to figure it out.

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