Emmanuel Motelin is a tech geek & music composer with a great passion for photography. He has succeeded at capturing long exposure subjects for use in magazines, independent publications and his photos have been greatly adored by the weather network fans. He believes curiosity and innovation are photographer’s greatest allies. Fearless creator of candid and revelatory imagery.

With a long experience in this hobby, here are a few tips he shared with us for any beginner photographer that wants to make photography a side job or just to develop a new hobby and want to get good at it.

“My first tip for beginning photography is to always have the strap around your neck because if you fall or someone runs into you, you won’t drop the camera and break it.” He states in an interview.  He adds “If you break the camera, that would be a total shame.”

“My second tip for beginning photography is to make sure you always keep it in your camera bag whenever you aren’t actually using it and always making sure you turn it off before putting it in the bag. I have made that mistake a few times.” Emmanuel elaborates.

“Tip number three for beginning photography is that when you first start doing photography, you don’t want to go crazy buying the most expensive equipment right away because if you buy the most expensive equipment and in maybe a couple of months or so you just stop, then you have all this expensive camera/photography equipment and you would have to sell it.” He says.

“Tip number four for beginner photography is that you should always get outside inspiration from other people. For example, if you want to be a nature photographer, you will want to look at other nature photographers’ work to get ideas and engage with their community,” he affirms. To learn more about Emmanuel Motelin, visit his website at https://motelin.ca/ or follow him on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/emmanuelmotelin/

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