Empowering Female Entrepreneur: Erin Williams – Takes the Lead…Again!

In a world where entrepreneurship is a dynamic force driving innovation and economic growth, it is crucial to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of female entrepreneurs who are breaking barriers and shaping the business landscape. 

Today, we are thrilled to spotlight the remarkable journey of Female Entrepreneur Australian now (LA based) Erin Williams.  

A trailblazing female entrepreneur making waves now in the beauty, wellness and lifestyle sector with her two different subscription based businesses “Glam Box Beverly Hills” and “YehMate” is going to be breaking into some of the biggest retailers across the US market in 2024.

Erin, founder and CEO of both “Glam Box Beverly Hills” and “YehMate”, has demonstrated exceptional leadership and resilience in building her enterprises from the ground up while managing her other businesses at the same time, PR agency Modern Day Communications and two magazines. 

How much more can she do… We don’t know! “She laughs and says usually it’s a 430am start”…

With a passion for creating and building brands for other people, Erin said it was time for her to really take her own brands to another level “I know if I work hard enough, and keep knocking on doors, keep calling, emailing and basically not taking no for an answer, someone eventually will take a meeting or a call with me… And they did”.

Erin has not only navigated the challenges of entrepreneurship and tells us some of the highs and lows she continues to experience, such as balance, organization, staff (at times) and your normal business woes like back end admin which she admits is not her strength but working on it in 2024.

“Unfortunately in business you can’t control certain things that happen whether that is with people, a website crashing, a client crisis, a manufacturing crisis the list goes on… Being a business owner is not easy and I certainly haven’t been someone that has started something and had the luck of it just blowing up over night as we tend to see these days.

I have to work hard, be extremely resilient, tough and continue to move forward each day. Not everyone is going to like you, or what you do or support you and that’s ok. However as I have got older now it is about how I choose to handle things and what I let really stress me out. Everything can always be sorted out at the end of the day.”

Erin is becoming an inspiration for other aspiring business women with her honesty on business and how she experiences coming up against males that may not take hers seriously until she openly says to them in meetings she tells me…

“Look, some things you ask me honestly I probably wont know… [But I’ll always write it down and go back to my people and then come back to you with answers” She laughs while telling me this and I am truly inspired by her honesty and confidence.

Erin said {I am not embarrassed to not understand everything or know all the things, what is the point in me pretending I know what they are asking me when I may not have any idea. I feel I get more respect if they really know my focus on the businesses and my team can handle the other side. Of course I will learn along the way and I want to understand but my job right now is to get them looking at my brands and wanting to work with me.}

Unfortunately due to contracts Erin can not talk of the retailers she will be working with, however all we can say is… watch this space! 

This 33 year old Australian entrepreneur moved her life to the USA almost 2 years ago with her retired professional boxer husband Jake Carr and is making waves across different industries and will now be taking on a billion dollar industry with her wellness, beauty & lifestyle brands. 

Erin founded and created both companies with a vision to create affordable, luxury products for both women and men while supporting inclusivity, mindfulness and empowerment.

She emphasized the importance of fostering a culture of empowering women in business, especially young females as she knows first hand how hard things can be, the stress it can bring or how hard it can be to be taken seriously in industries dominated by males.

“Confidence, resilience, and hard work will get you places.”

“I know I have a lot of work ahead of me and it won’t be easy but I am ready and excited for the challenge”.

Erin expressed gratitude throughout talking with her,  for the support received from her team, mentors, family and the wider community.

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