If given a second chance, some people can do amazing things with their lives and Gino Fracchiolla is a living proof of that. Born in Bari, Italy, Gino grew up between Brooklyn and Los Angeles and became involved in drugs and gangs, which ultimately caused him to serve almost 10 years in prison for trafficking drugs. However, he has managed to turn his life around and today, he runs his own multimillion-dollar company.

Sober since October of 2017, Gino turned his life around with the founding of Infiniti Marketing Group, a white-glove public relations and digital marketing firm in Southern California which caters to a high-end clientele.

Gino still had plenty of contacts from his time on the streets, and these ties turned out to be highly advantageous. Thanks to these associations, Gino was able to secure nearly 200 high-profile clients immediately upon launching his business. This was accomplished entirely through word of mouth, meaning the budding entrepreneur didn’t have to spend a penny on advertising. These clients ranged from small businesses to celebrities, rappers, and luxury realtors.

Something else Gino is fortunate to have is an excellent mindset and self-care routine. To avoid stress, he overcomes hurdles with the belief that things happen for a reason and in their own time. Plus, he takes breaks as needed on days that are tougher than others. Gino takes care of his physical health by rising early, exercising regularly, and adhering to a vegan diet.

His motivation for business success is not built upon himself but others. Gino has structured his life and business around helping other people. Knowing that people depend on him to put food on the dinner table keeps him focused and provides intense accountability. To maintain his success, Gino goes the extra mile for his clients and sets a goal to be the hardest working person he knows.

Above all, Gino understands the importance of believing in yourself, your brand, and being genuine. In fact, he has always strived to be his most genuine self in all aspects of life. A giving person, Gino makes it a point to refer other businesses to people without expecting anything in return, as he believes in good karma.

As a nod to his past, Gino has a goal of building a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing recidivism rates through education and implementation. Another example of his giving nature, it is this endeavor of helping others that truly showcases how far Gino has come within a short period of time.