The Jets’ quarterback rearranging took one more inquisitive turn on Wednesday.

Mentor Robert Saleh declared Mike White as the starter against the Bengals on Sunday. That was normal, yet Saleh likewise said the recently obtained Joe Flacco will not join the group until Friday as a result of individual reasons, making his accessibility for Sunday as White’s reinforcement an inquiry.

The Jets obtained Flacco in an exchange with the Eagles on Monday night to fill in as White’s reinforcement while Zach Wilson recuperates from a right knee injury. Wilson is relied upon to miss two to about a month.

Saleh said Flacco is taking part in gatherings practically with the Jets yet will not rehearse until Friday. The Jets took the action to get Flacco in spite of having Josh Johnson on their training crew. It is an obvious sign they feel Flacco is a redesign over Johnson, yet Saleh demonstrated Johnson probably will be the reinforcement against the Bengals except if Flacco wows them Friday.

“Josh will be up this week and he’ll be ready to go if he has to step in,” Saleh said. “I feel like we’re in a good situation. Getting Flacco, we have good stability in the quarterback room. Now we just got to go play.”

“Mike is, obviously, he’s starting. We have a lot of faith in him,” Saleh said. “We think he’s going to do a hell of a job, and then from there we’ll go on.”

The Jets play on “Thursday Night Football” one week from now against the Colts, so Flacco will even have next to no an ideal opportunity to find a workable pace for that game. On brief time frame, the Jets probably will not have a genuine practice however generally walk-throughs.

The Jets exchanged a restrictive 6th round pick to Philadelphia that can turn into a fifth-round pick dependent on playing time. The move caused a commotion since one of the primary storylines of this offseason was the Jets’ choice not to sign a veteran quarterback. Presently, they needed to surrender a draft pick to get one.

Sources said the Jets attempted to sign Flacco in the offseason, however the Eagles were ready to give him more cash ($3.5 million), and Flacco additionally felt he had a superior shot at playing with the Eagles, who have Jalen Hurts as their starter, than with the Jets, who were relied upon to take a quarterback No. 2 by and large. The Jets presently are just on the snare for about $600,000 of Flacco’s arrangement.

“I can’t speak for Joe Flacco on that,” Saleh said on why the Jets did not sign Flacco in March. “Obviously, as a free agent, he has opportunities and the decisions he makes are personal, obviously. But we’re happy he’s here now, and we’re excited to get to work with him.”

Saleh said the Jets actually have not made an assurance on whether to put Wilson on IR. That would take him out of something like three games. The Jets at first said the timetable for Wilson is two to about a month. It seems like they actually trust there is a possibility it may be two, and Wilson would have returned to confront the Bills on Nov. 14.

“We’re assuming the worst,” Saleh said. “We’re still trying to make sure that that quarterback room is exactly where we need it to be. Obviously, Zach got hurt, an opportunity came, and it’s a good one. So, we took advantage of it.”

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