Fans are completely enthralled with the upcoming film ‘Thalaivar 171’ and can’t wait to learn more. Lokesh revealed during the show that many parts of the movie’s screenplay are still unwritten and that it is only halfway finished. Additionally, he mentioned that Superstar Rajinikanth has been actively and pro-actively participating in the talks and deliberations. However, the filming will start after the preparatory work is finished, which could take two to three months.

Lokesh made a hint regarding the shooting schedule, saying that the ongoing screenplay work might cause the original April start date to be rescheduled. While fans who have been waiting impatiently for this would be disappointed, the film’s preparation and quality are crucial.

Meanwhile, Lokesh was questioned about the possibility of a sequel for Vijay’s movie “Leo.” But he said maybe this was a question for another day and declined to respond to it at this specific moment. Consequently, he urged them to focus on the current issue and its questions.

Fans of both projects are eager to learn more about them and are generally intrigued by Lokesh’s update on “Thalaivar 171” and his response on “Leo 2.”

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