The film “Abbabba,” directed by K.M. Chaitanya and written by Abhilash S. Nair and K.L. Rajshekar, has Amrutha Iyengar and Likith Shetty in the lead parts. On February 16, the movie was first shown in theaters.

Abbabba Synopsis

A stranger named Akhila offers Dileep help in getting his fiancée out of trouble in exchange for five minutes of helping her break into his guys’ dormitory. Those five minutes quickly turn into an endless ride on a roller coaster.

Accessibility of Abbabba OTT

Renting the Kannada movie “Abbabba” via Amazon Prime Video is now possible, “giving customers a comfortable method to watch the film in the comfort of their own homes.” Likith Shetty and Amrutha Iyengar play the main roles in this K.M. Chaitanya-directed movie. “Abbabba” is a must-watch for lovers of Kannada cinema because of its captivating tale and superb acting. The film’s fascinating plot and captivating performances are easily accessible to audiences thanks to its availability on Amazon Prime Video.

Team And Cast Of Abbabba

Likith Shetty plays Dileep, while Amrutha Iyengar plays Akhila, in the cast of “Abbabba”. Anusha Rai as Shammu, Ajay Raj as Rahul, and Dhanraj Achar as Kethan lend their support. Dadav is portrayed by Thandav Ram, while Father Joseph is portrayed by Sharath Lohitashwa. Sihi Kahi Chandru plays the student’s father, and Vijay Chendur plays Kempanna. Akhila’s mother, played by Sudha Belawadi, completes the group. By enhancing the storyline of the movie, their combined performances give viewers a captivating cinematic experience.

“Abbabba” was written by Abhilash S. Nair and K.L. Rajshekar, and it was directed by K M Chaitanya. Ann Augustine, Vivek Thomas, and Vijay Babu produced the movie. The editing was done by Haridoss K.G.F., and the cinematography was done by Manohar Joshi. The film’s soundtrack was composed by Deepak Alexander. Lester Joy Fernandes was in charge of the sound, while Suraj Bardia edited and recorded foley. P. Saravanakumar and Navinlal were the conformists in the digital intermediate. Executive producers were Pranoy Prakash Mk, Shilka Abraham, and Haridoss K.G.F.

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