Day 6 Box Office Collection of Krishnamma Prediction: Satyadev plays the main part in the newest high-action revenge drama, Krishnamma. On May 3, the film, written and directed by VV Gopalakrishna, was released globally to a varied reception among reviewers and viewers.

Even though Satyadev chooses unusual stories and characters, he was able to win over all of his admirers and moviegoers with his sincere portrayal and effective performance in Krishnamma, his first-ever mass character with a rustic characteristics.

Krishnamma Synopsis

An unshakable relationship is formed by three orphans who grow up together on the banks of the Krishna River. They grow to know one another as family. Their lives are abruptly changed by a horrifying occurrence.

Prediction of Krishnamma’s Box Office Collection

The film Krishnamma, which tells the story of a normal vengeance drama through captivating acting and direction by VV Gopala Krishna, received positive to mixed reviews. The film is making modest numbers at the box office and could only make Rs 3 Crore in six days. View the box office collection by day below.

Day 1: Rs 0.5 Crore
Day 2: Rs 0.67 Crore
Day 3: Rs 0.7 Crore
Day 4: Rs 0.53 Crore
Day 5: Rs 0.51 Crore
Day 6: Rs 0.09 Crore (estimates)

Total 6 Days Collection: Rs 3 Crore (approximately)

The numbers could fluctuate by the end of the day depending on what comments moviegoers and critics have on Krishnamma.

Krishnamma Cast

Key characters in the mass action drama are portrayed by Satyadev, Archana, Krishna Burugula, Athira Raj, and Laxman Meesala, among others.

The Krishnamma Crew

Koratala Siva, “who enjoyed the film and wished to be involved, presented Krishnamma, a film written and directed by VV Gopala Krishna.” The film was financed by Krishna Kommalapati under the auspices of Arunachala Creations. Co-writing the screenplay and story was Ramesh Eligeti. Tammiraju was the editor, and Sunny Kurapati operated the camera. Kaala Bhairava wrote all of the music and sound effects for the movie. “All of the songs’ lyrics were written by Ananth Sriram, and Raam Kumar oversaw production.”

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