Samsung is supposed to disclose the Cosmic system Z Flip 5 and the World Z Overlap 5 sooner than anticipated. The South Korean firm will supposedly declare its next-generation foldable phones in the last week of July 2023. A new report professes to spill a few beans on the launch event and its location.

Samsung typically holds its Galaxy Unpacked launch events in the United States or Barcelona, Spain. However, a report from iNews24 states that Samsung is seriously considering holding the next launch of its Galaxy Unpacked 2023 product in Busan, South Korea. It is being accounted for that TM Roh, Samsung MX President, is supportive of holding the Galaxy Unpacked 2023 Part 2 launch event in Busan to reinforce the South Korean government’s offered to hold World Expo 2030 in the country.

In Busan, South Korea, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Z Fold 5 might be unveiled.

The company is still in the process of carefully evaluating both of its plans and will soon decide whether to hold the launch event in New York, USA, or Busan, South Korea. At various levels, all of Samsung Group’s business arms are promoting the country’s bid for the World Expo 2030. It is being promoted by the company in a variety of ways in South Korea and around the world. Since the Galaxy Unpacked event is huge, it is said that it could draw in many individuals and reinforce the nation’s bid to hold the World Expo in 2030. Ideally, it won’t waste its own environment and climate goals with its next launch event.

Samsung’s TM Roh met with Pham Minh Trinh (Prime Minister of Vietnam), Vo Van Thuong (Standing Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam), Enrique Reina (Minister of Foreign Affairs of Honduras), Marcelo Ebrard (Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mexico), Carmen Vergara (Director of Panama Investment Promotion), and Raquel Pena (VP of the Dominican Republic) to help the Busan Expo 2030 bid.

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