Intro: Transforming yourself from an emerging musician to a recognised artist requires commitment and above all the support of professionals who know how to value you, from writing the song to selling an album. We will now interview an Italian producer, Michael Insigno, aka Emicii, and see what suggestions he can give to an emerging artist:

What does working for one of the biggest record labels mean today?

Working today with a great label makes you participate in a remarkable change, the methodologies of approach to work have changed, there is more digitisation in the use of music. But without, at least for me, forgetting the teachings.

How and where do you choose and go to look for interesting proposals for any productions?

I must say that I still use the old method: I go to listen to concerts by unknown bands and authors, it stimulates me a lot. And I like receiving proposals from the internet. And then I get dozens of promos per year, which are absolutely listened to (you never know).

Do you think talent shows have ruined the Italian record market?

The talent I believe are positive depending on the use and consumption that is made of it, but I also believe that they are not the absolute truth. They have the power of visibility and this makes them more attractive. I don’t think they ruined the record market, thanks to the talent the charts after many years have rediscovered young people, the radios pass their songs. What is certain is that there is not only this form of approach you have to have strength yourself!

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