Who doesn’t like good humor? Seeing real-life problems portrayed humorously can give readers a new perspective. It might even help them find ways to get around those problems. You make better decisions when your mind is in the right place. But humorous books offer more than just psychological pleasure; they also excite readers. Let us elaborate.

Positivity in Between Chaos

Humor authors tend to find positivity in even the darkest of nights. This allows them to target an audience with a great sense of humor. These authors assign a character battling it out in their world, but their sense of humor keeps everything alive. It gives you the if-life-gives-you-lemons-make-lemonade outlook.

Richard Cardillo’s book, Bite Me and The Horse You Rode In On, is a culmination of harsh truths sugarcoated through dark humor. For instance, he talks about America’s high homicide rates in a way that creates awareness and makes you want to do something about it. The book has other topics as well.

Giving Readers Delight

A humorous book’s original purpose is to delight readers through engaging voices and vivid characterization. Further, humor encourages readers to pay close attention and creates a more immersive reading experience. In other words, your readers can mentally simulate each situation in a different narrative.

Relatable Characters

The rule of thumb of any novel is to make relatable characters for the readers. This is particularly important for humorous novels because it helps the readers put themselves in their shoes. It also allows readers to explore the book further.

Humor Makes Writing Better

For those who don’t know, humor makes penmanship better than any other novel. It’s more common than you think. You won’t normally re-read sentences in a serious novel unless they have a joke. This is one of the reasons why humor makes writing better.

Final Thoughts

You can use sense of humor in a novel in numerous ways. But using it to highlight real-world problems can really make it a compelling read. Richard Cardillo’s book, Bite Me and The Horse You Rode In On, is just what you need for your funny bones. The book talks about some of the most dangerous problems in an easily understandable way.

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