Unexpectedly successful in 2023 at the box office, 12th Fail is still playing a few shows in a few theaters, so it may take some time to reach its lifetime total of Rs. 54.50 crores. For a movie that didn’t really have any hype, that is an amazing score.

In light of this, the Vikrant Massey movie might face competition from HanuMan, another underdog movie currently playing.

Significant growth, demonstrated on Friday with the inflow of an additional Rs. 1.85 crores, has made this possible. Even more amazing is the fact that the movie’s ticket price dropped to Rs. 0.75 crores on Thursday, making full use of the Republic Day holiday weekend.

The project appeared on the verge of falling just short of Rs. 50 crores at one point, but Prasanth Verma and team managed to regain momentum on Friday, and now they hope to continue this success on Saturday and Sunday as well.

The movie has earned Rs. 41.44 crores thus far, and by tomorrow, it should have earned between Rs. 44 and 45 crores. With that, it would come within Rs. 10 crores of the 12th Fail. Fighter occupying the roost will make it difficult for it to outlive its lifespan, but a few open weeks ahead of time means that even with minimal stability, it may continue to generate revenue.

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