The producer says even without help he wasn’t stopping aiming for that hit song ! Loueybeatz say he was a rapper before he really starting producing.He say seeing his childhood friend evan pitts,and a few others make beats expired him to do it.Super producer loueybeatz say when he got his first placement and starting to receive royalties he took things serious.Also he stated that some people didn’t take him serious about his craft and that he will make fans family ect a believer.

Loueybeatz also worked with other producer he say Beatplugg one of his right hand man he also a credit producer as well he worked with artists like Souljaboy,Chevy woods, & more. LoueyBeatz has a strong connection with the industry looking for that big break he been waiting and grinding for.He say he dreamed that he would be successful in life one day so without a doubt he’s not stopping for no one .


Lewis Hoskins 34 Years old say he got the name loueybeatz from childhood friends and other. He says growing up in Parkfield  which is a small neighborhood was pretty rough. Loueybeatz also had a mother who passed when he was 18 or 19 he said! and that it took him years to get over . And that she left behind 9 other kids total of 10 with him included. With every step of the way loueybeatz stating that all he want is love & support from his hometown east St. Louis and to stay in touch follow him on Twitter/IG @1loueybeatz for more contents/updates on him.

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