Dr. Michael Tran was born on 6 July 1981 in a refugee camp in Chon Buri, Thailand. Dr. Michael Tran graduated from Dulles High School in 1999. He went to Texas Tech and studied business management there. He later worked in dry cleaning for a year before re-enrolling at Texas Tech for a major in Spanish and interdisciplinary studies. Dr. Michael Tran then applied to dental school while pursuing his MBA in Finance and Real Estate. Dr. Michael Tran was accepted into the Howard College of Dentistry. Dr. Michael Tran loved his medical profession. He moved to Houston Advanced Education at General Dentistry AEGD where he became President.

Dr. Michael Tran wanted to focus on as many ambitions as possible, something he had done very well. He also did a good job on live surgery parts, and LIVE surgery transplant courses are now done at FLOSS Dental’s office. He was placed on the Hiossen AIC faculty. Michael’s interactions with experienced doctors have equipped him with great knowledge.

Dr. Michael Tran found a closed office in Magnolia, TX, he started working there. Dr. Michael Tran and his wife had 3 years of intensive experience in dental startups as they intended to run two main offices – Midtown and Magnolia. Due to the old FLOSS debranding, they decided to reestablish a footprint starting in the Houston area. Michael later opened the West Oaks office, and the Kingwood office, which he sold just before Covid, and a franchise opened FLOSS Katy last year.

Dr. Michael Tran is a very good dentist, and enjoys a lot of work related to dentistry. For this reason, Michael Tran is also opening offices in Georgia, The British Virgin Islands and Ohio. He plans to focus only on implants and larger cases.

Dr. Michael Tran won the award for being a top-ranked producer. It was awarded to AACA, American Academy of Clear aligners in 2018 and 2019. Dr. Michael Tran has inspired to achieve even greater heights. He loves the healthcare sector with a passion. Dr. Michael Tran chose his career field with the understanding that medicine is a difficult career. You often have to get different advisors to find the problem. The best thing in the field of dentistry is that this field is still completely independent, even though this method is changing rapidly with the modern era.

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