Spilling gadget creators used to be about set top boxes. In any case, presently, thanks to things like the Fire TV Stick and Roku Streaming Stick, consideration has moved as a rule to the dongle form factor. It’s so much better since you don’t need one more box consuming up space on one of your surfaces. Rather, these gushing sticks are concealed behind your TV, gone forever. Apple doesn’t make a spilling dongle, which is truly unexpected thinking about the amount Apple cherishes dongles. In the event that you have an Apple TV and you wish you could conceal it behind your flat screen like a dongle, your desire has quite recently been allowed. Get a TotalMount Apple TV Mount on Amazon and you’re ready.

Here are some key details from the product page:

Mount for Apple TV (Apple TV and remote not included)

Perfect for wall-mounted TVs (Attaches Apple TV to the back of your TV)

Perfect with all Apple TVs (including the new Apple TV 4K and the second, third, and fourth Apple TV generations)

Includes numerous premium, patented features

Includes three mounting alternatives: innovative hooks for TV vents, special adhesive for elevated TV temperatures, and screws for wall mounting

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