Agriculture is one in all the foremost necessary sector of the Indian economy that contribute concerning nineteen per cent to the India’s GDP share. Revolution during this sector to introduce additional organic techniques is that the current demand of the farmers because the use of chemicals and artificial fertilisers square measure perilously threatening human health. additional young minds square measure needed to form an enormous amendment within the agriculture. Abhinay Chepuri, a young enterpriser is functioning onerous to convert the present farming system to a additional trendy organic farming.

Sai Abhinay has additionally established his venture, Enviropromise that aims is to bring an entire amendment within the agricultural system. With this start-up his team is directly partaking with farmers to allow them to realize the trendy techniques of farming. They teach them the importance of organic farming and faster ways in which of growing crops. His firm is additionally providing platforms for farmers to sell their organically made crops and merchandise. Sai’s immence interest in organic farming crystal rectifier him to contribute to the current sector.

He even wished to create a system within which farmers will simply convert waste into bio-diesel Associate in Nursingd bio-petrol in order that there’ll be less money stress on farmers also because it are going to be an environmental friendly technique. Sai’s techniques and ways square measure serving to plenty of farmers in manufacturing eco-friendly and healthy agro-products. until currently quite eighty farmers square measure benefitted by his firm’s facilitate and square measure mistreatment the new-age agricultural techniques. He even encourage farmers to start out marketing their merchandise on virtual markets and by mistreatment completely different websites like FRESHSPOUT app in order that they’ll get a large vary of shoppers.

He is currently performing on additional ill-natured ways in which of revolutioning the farming ways like by collaborating T-Hub and different capitalist ventures with the farming method.

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