If you don’t know Ramon House here is your opportunity . Ramon House also know as Djk.o_ is a Fashion Designer from Chicago, IL. He had average child growing up, he played sports and hung out with friends and family. During his early childhood years he moved with his father to a suburb right outside of Chicago. Here he developed a passion for skateboarding and Fashion.

“I think skateboarding really got me into fashion because skating isn’t just about your tricks its about your style, which we called Steez” – Djk.o_

Djk.o_ started his own clothing brand in 2021 named T3mple. His brand started off slow but grew into one of the biggest brands in Chicago. After hard work and dedication his brand became one of the best brands in Chicago. He did collaborations with celebrities such as, Iman Shumpert, Queen Key, Swagg Dinero, Dlow, Ayo Dosunmu, Chief Keef, and Gherbo. His brand has also been featured in many fashion shows in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Atlanta.

“Don’t be afraid to take risks and invest in yourself. I chose not to use my degree but to become a full time dj and fashion designer. Most people don’t make it to be either but I invest all my time and energy into it and it’s starting to pay off for me. You have to invest in yourself mentally and financially. Once you grow your mindset your financial situation will change,” states Djk.o_.

Djk.o_ socials are as follows:

Instagram : djk.o_

Tiktok : djk.o_

Twitter: DJKO__

YouTube : Ramon House

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