Young Italian entrepreneur born in Turin and now living in Lisbon, let’s talk about Dario Bonanno.

After adolescence he graduated in economics and business management and everything started from there.

In 2016 he created the first e-commerce in Italy where he sold watches and torches online.

The peculiarity of this virtual shop is the practical and safe payment method that customers could use, i.e. payment on delivery.

It represents the method of payment for goods purchased remotely which allows you to pay for the item not in advance, but upon its arrival at its destination.

Convenient and safe because after ordering you have time to get the money you need and without fear that someone could steal data and money.

With this business it has reached several countries such as Spain, Romania, Poland, Portugal, Hungary, Croatia, Greece.

Dario says that he initially faced various difficulties with warehouses and other interlocutors, but as an excellent entrepreneur he managed to overcome every problem and move forward.

Furthermore, to date, it offers anyone who intends to start creating their own business in this market advice and all the information necessary to make the start a little easier.

What brought him to where he is today was certainly his good will and commitment but above all his confident and strong character.

Thanks to this Dario Bonanno has no intention of stopping and continues to expand with the aim of reaching all countries that accept this payment method such as Asia and Latin America.



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