Who is Izzy La Reina?

Izzy La Reina is a pop singer known for adding her unique Latin vibe to her English songs. Izzy rose to fame when her debut song “Diabla” became a major hit and amassed more than 5 million views on the YouTube and other music streaming platforms. Extremely hard-working and dedicated to her craft, Izzy La Reina is proud of her roots and she loves how her personality is an amalgamation of different cultures she’s been brought up in. She is a proud member of Global Latin community and is contributing in her own way to the Latin culture. Her recent release “La Oscuridad” is her first song that is entirely in Spanish and she is already making a lot of heads turn from the industry.

How did She Get into Music?

Born in Brazil, she spent most of her childhood there before moving to San Francisco and finally making a decision of pursuing her music career in Los Angeles. Izzy La Reina said that her father being a Pastor used to travel around the country and she used to accompany him on the tour singing in churches and choirs which is how she remembers her childhood. After moving to San Francisco, she continued music and at the age of 14, she joined an all girl band which became a major hit in the Brazil where Izzy’s fanbase kept growing.

Who are Her favourites?

Izzy says that she has grown up watching Beyonce, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and other pop stars who were equally great performers. She admires them a lot and now that she’s doing so amazing on her own track, she’s proud of her grit and dedication.

What did She Say About Her Music?

Izzy La Reina said that music is her life and she can’t imagine it any other way around. Izzy’s songs celebrate women and their power, her songs give women a sense of confidence which you’ll only get to notice if you listen it yourself. Listen to her recently released song “Pa Ti” which has proved to become another jewel in her crown.

Listen to the song on her YouTube channel here https://youtu.be/xmrQ0XSTM3s and follow this charismatic singer on Instagram


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