Demetrius Saitful La Bey the hip-hop Brooklyn New York native formerly known as ‘Dangerous Musick’, now known as ‘Demegod’ has risen through all the ordeals life has thrown his way. His music depicts his self-conscience experiences with a very nice yet gritty north self influential sound that has a message for the Young and Old. Expressing the true reality of urban environments not just in his backyard of Brooklyn, but that of every hood and community Of those who live their lives as if there’s no way out of their struggles. His growth experiences of what he saw around him are very relatable in his music, as he turns this into a creative narrative of a dope rap lyricist. DemeGod is more than an artist, he’s becoming a culturist in his own right, an actor, activist, and hip-hop talent to pay attention to. His latest singles ‘100 Moors’ and ‘Get Your lies Straight’ ft Kanye West are sure to get the attention of the fading conscious hip hop world. Written by @darealceozay

Get Your Lies Straight” ft. Ye

100 Moors” DMX Funeral procession footage

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