Baby Egypt, the rising musical superstar, was born and raised in Pittsburgh. The young musician has vowed to revive hip-hop by bringing a fresh perspective to the genre’s sound. Similar hook patterns can be heard in both “Wit Da Gang” by Baby Egypt and “Real Talk” by Roddy Ricch. These songs have a similar intensity and depth of feeling throughout. In fact, there’s a fascinating comparison between the way Roddy Ricch and Baby Egypt sing the same song since they both use the same word pronunciations. Roddy Ricch’s “Real Talk” followed Baby Egypt’s “Wit Da Gang” by around four months. The cumulative weight of this evidence strongly suggests that Roddy Ricch stole ideas from Baby Egypt.

After the revelation of these facts, many have called for a collaborative effort between Baby Egypt and Roddy Ricch in the form of a feature . Many of Baby Egypt’s supporters hold the opinion that Roddy Ricch stole Baby’s music, leading them to feel that Baby should be given preferential treatment. All across social media, people are demonstrating their support for him and hoping that Roddy Ricch would make amends for his treatment.

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