A mosquito sample carrying the West Nile virus has been identified by the city’s mosquito surveillance program for the second time in as many weeks.

The city was informed by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health that an infected mosquito was present in one of the samples taken this week by the Berkshire County Mosquito Control Project. A city news release from Friday said that the sample was taken near Elm and Williams Streets.

According to state data, the mosquito-infected sample was taken on July 18.

The state DPH informed the public last week that mosquito samples brought in from the city contained West Nile virus. Information from the state shows that example was taken on July 7.

In the city or the Commonwealth as a whole, no human cases of West Nile virus have been reported to date.

The infection is the most widely recognized mosquito-borne sickness in the US as per the Communities for Infectious prevention and Counteraction. An individual becomes tainted when chomped by a contaminated mosquito. According to the CDC, only one in five people experience mild symptoms like a fever, and only one in 150 people experience serious, sometimes fatal, illness.

The state’s following project for mosquito-borne diseases reports that Berkshire Province is all actually named okay for contracting West Nile infection. The main networks in the state with a more elevated level of hazard are Boston, Brookline and Watertown, which are recorded at moderate gamble.

City authorities are empowering occupants to wear long jeans, long-sleeved shirts and socks when they’re outside to keep their gamble of disease low. Utilizing an anti-agents with DEET and attempting to stay away from open air exercises among first light and sunset when mosquitoes are most dynamic is likewise suggested.

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