The waves crash together with fervor and aggression as you witness the glory of God displayed through the aquatic bliss. There is something about the scent in the air, the way the salt coats your lips, followed by a sense of serenity.

We have seen men voyage the sea to uncover the truths of the world; we have seen pirates spend their livelihoods on the waters alone in search of treasure and more.

Here thalassophiles, let’s dive deepinto our minds and understand man’s infatuation with the sea.


It is scientifically proven that being around the sea gives our brains a medium to rest from overstimulation. We are constantly engaging, consciously or subconsciously, with the bells and whistles, the rush of everyday life with no time for a break.

The sea offers a getaway – mental peace. The sound of the sea offers a pleasant alternative to the voices around you in the buzz of life. Standing at the shore and staring at the horizon, you witness the expanse of the world, and suddenly every other problem seems insubstantial.

It allows for a mental break, where no constant dose of information is being analyzed and utilized.

No disturbance, no interruption, only you and the blue having a silent conversation. You silently vent your frustrations, rinsing off the burdens and drowning them in the sea.


Meditation is a practice one indulges in to bring their consciousness back to the present. The present is a place without worry. For in the present, you are not thinking about what could have or has been; all you have is this moment.

During conventional meditation, we use our breath as the anchor to bring ourselves back to the present. At sea, the ocean is the catalyst that guides you home to the present, free of worry and stress.

This is a place where thoughts can flow through tranquility, which is why most people retreat to the sea to think clearly.


Have you ever experienced the feeling of awe every time your car edges nearer to the ocean? How the first glimpse of the sea gets your heart pounding. What is that feeling? Why is your spirit so drawn to the sea? It seems like a primal connection that is beyond your control.

You see, the artificial norms of life and society have accustomed us to the unnatural; the sea is one medium that weaves us back into the tapestry of nature.

It reminds us that we are no different than the grains of sand, the ocean, or the living creatures that dwell in them.

It is also a testimony to God’s glory and the beauty of nature that He has created.

This is why people who feel untethered visit the sea. For that is the one place where they don’t feel alone. They can feel the sea consoling them, holding them, and giving them the support they need. In a swarm of people, they feel heard by nature.

The sea breeds compassion.


What a harsh reality it is to know that you are limited. Maybe the education you received has limited your growth careerwise. Perhaps your physical circumstances have restricted you from achieving your dreams. And what’s worse? The people that breathe the same air as you further amplify this notion. They drag you down and tell you that you are indeed a slave to your limitations.

You see, we all want to be free.

And when you stand at the shore, staring at the never-ending stretch of the ocean over the earth’s curvature, you realize just how boundless nature can be.

It’s inspiring.

And you latch onto this feeling; you embrace the sea that encourages your ambitions, which are limitless.

Suddenly, the enormous stretch of blue turns into a never-ending pool of dreams.

And in that moment, you realize you are…


One certain dreamer dedicated his life to living at sea, Immanuel, from Alfred Jendrasik’s book Thirty Second Avenue…North. Told by his parents to settle down and find a regular job, Immanuel has other plans. He wishes to get a job by the sea and live a happy life rather than an accomplished one.

Where does his adventures take him? Only one way to find out.

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