As streetwear has dominated the face of fashion lately, many brands have turned to mimicking fast-fashion trends to stay relevant, even if it means sacrificing creativity. Grant Chapman, on the other hand, has created his own brand with consistent creativity that is gaining steady fame and notoriety. As cliche as it sounds, to remain relevant without sacrificing your individuality to fashion a unique brand. Grant saw a trend, knew exactly how to take it a step further, and Hidden Hills is the manifestation of this.

Outside of his fashion line that specializes in signature hats, Grant Chapman wears many other hats, if you will. Not only does he work in the fashion industry, but Grant is also a 24 year old from Danville, California. Perhaps most importantly, Chapman is a Gucci Mane fan, with his signature mantra in the rapper’s words, “If you got no sauce, then you lost.” Hidden Hills certainly possesses a sort of secret sauce of its own, as its title is inspired by the Calabasas area of the same name. Hidden Hills evokes a sense of something more to be discovered, and their Instagram page lends itself to the exact same theme.

In fashion, discovery is all part of the fun. Grant divulged that some of the best parts of having a fashion line is the gratification when he sees a piece of his line on someone, and this is pretty common when it comes to his brand. Grant shared that often, people who buy his products like them enough to be seen in them daily, as they become staples of their wardrobe. Not only does this speak to the quality of Grant’s products but also to the durability, as well as honest image. A good product in exchange for some healthy gratification? A win-win for everyone! Grant said it himself, “Nothing makes me happier than dripping people out in my gear!”

To keep up the good vibes, Grant has already made plans for the future. Beyond growing his fashion line, a significant milestone he is planning to achieve in the near future is pop-ups, but not just any pop-up. Grant wants all his pop-ups to take place where it’s hot and happening, in the prime locations of Los Angeles, New York, and Miami. In other words, the streetwear moguls of America. Good vibes paired with strategy looks good on you, Grant.

Another great aspect of Grant’s is his talent for finding talent in the music industry. Grant took the time to give insight into this gift of his. He shared that he spots “top talent”  by taking a look at their daily habits. Habits are an important part of someone’s overall identity, so it makes sense why this would make or break someone to Grant. He also shared that when “they’re focused on the right things on a daily basis […], normally they have a good head on their shoulders.” Another surprising tidbit that Grant added was when he divulged, “Hard work always beats talent,” speaking to how consistency as well as persistence is the key to being a successful individual.

          Grant’s take on success is one he has displayed in his own life and work and is representative of his own talents as a 24-year-old entrepreneur. Not only has Gran had the talent and creativity to forge his own unique line, but he has the consistency to hustle every day and the persistence to keep at it even when the going gets tough. The world may know Grant’s line by the name of Hidden Hills, but his success to date is something people are taking note of.

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