When COVID-19 halted the world, the real estate market took a pretty bad hit as people ceased traveling and financial losses were felt in most homes across America, in some form. Slowly, the world has started to return to normal and people have begun to venture back into cities and jobs where previously they had remained cooped up in their homes. The world of real estate has also begun to return to normal as people are looking to buy properties again, especially in the city. Daniel Jayson is thriving in the current real estate world and has some insights to share when it comes finding the best real estate agent for your home needs.

First, you want a real estate agent who will act as your advocate and has your best interests in mind when it comes to finding your property. Daniel Jayson is part of the top real estate team, Douglas Elliman, specializing in real estate in NYC, Florida, California, and Texas. Daniel personally has a New York and New Jersey real estate license so he caters to the needs of clients in these areas. In Daniel’s words, he advocates for his clients by wanting to “find the best deals for my clients.” Daniel puts his expertise to use when it comes to finding optimal properties, which he has been getting experience in since he was a child.

Growing up around developments, job sites, architects and their clients, Daniel’s family founded Bendheim Glass in 1927 and this gave Daniel critical exposure in the industry of materials and spaces. He has an upper hand of this kind of experiential knowledge over someone whose knowledge comes strictly from a real estate license. They often say that lived experienced is the best teacher and Daniel has always had an eye for aesthetics as a result of his own childhood.

An area where Daniel initially met some obstacles was in the age gap that presented as the youngest power broker on the NYC luxury building team. Daniel shared that it was not uncommon for him to be showing multi-million dollar properties to men who were more than twice Daniel’s age. Daniel was able to navigate this by putting the customers’ needs as a priority and finding ways to establish the trust that would bridge the age gap between Daniel and his valued clients.

Daniel also overcame challenges in his career by building up the relationships he currently had as well as cultivating new ones. Starting out as a young power broker, Daniel invested in the truth of his extensive industry knowledge and waited for it to prove itself as people began to take his knowledge more seriously. He knows the ins and outs of properties in a unique way because of his family’s business so Daniel has been getting experience understanding spaces earlier than most. Daniel upholds his reputation by always treating his customers with the utmost respect and even exceeding their expectations when possible. Looking to the future, Daniel is excited to continue guiding his customers towards the best deals in the market.

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