Becoming an entrepreneur is the dream of many workers who want to start their own business, with the aim of being independent and make money from scratch.

An entrepreneur is a professional figure who possesses various skills that allow him to manage and bring success to a company or startup. A further definition of an entrepreneur can be identified with:

A person who creates a business with the goal of making a profit.

Generally speaking, it is easy to understand what the figure of the entrepreneur consists of, but the real challenge is to understand how to succeed in dressing in his shoes.

What are the characteristics of an entrepreneur?

We asked Albert Sheeler, an American entrepreneur known for being the founder of “Strategic Equities”, an investment fund agency that helps small and medium- sized companies expand their business, for some tips and advice on how you can become an entrepreneur, from 0.

All entrepreneurs have typical characteristics that set them apart from others. These are not notions that can be studied, but skills and soft skills that are learned through life experience or even are completely innate. According to several studies carried out by American universities, there are 7 typical characteristics of an entrepreneur :

Tenacity: even in the face of adversity or failure, the entrepreneur does not give up and perseveres, learning from their mistakes.

Passion: it is mistakenly thought that an entrepreneur thinks primarily about money. In truth, the entrepreneur is driven by passion for his business, in which he believes blindly.

Self-confidence: this is a key entrepreneurial trait, which allows you to take and take risks, precisely because of the confidence you place in yourself and your business.

Flexibility: being flexible and having a spirit of adaptation is essential to becoming an entrepreneur. If something isn’t working, study an alternative and change direction.

Risk management: being able to manage fear and take risks is the bread and butter of an entrepreneur. The uncertainty of tomorrow and potential failure are always around the corner, you simply have to be able to endure and tolerate these situations.

Different Vision: In entrepreneurship, being able to see or imagine opportunities that others don’t see is one of the most unique traits. Entrepreneurs are curious and always looking for innovation.

Rebellion: an entrepreneur can often break the rules. It can happen by launching a new company that doesn’t exist on the market, or by applying what most others don’t consider.

What should an entrepreneur not do?

After seeing what elements characterize an entrepreneur, there is also to say that there are some things that an entrepreneur should definitely not do.

  • ⁃  Don’t believe anyone who tells you that you won’t make it, your determination is the key to getting you over any obstacle.
  • ⁃  Don’t be guided by common opinion, always think outside the box.
  • ⁃  Don’t surround yourself with unmotivating people, let them go because they might influence you negatively.
  • ⁃  Don’t fail to honor agreements, therefore, always keep your commitments and some ethics.
  • ⁃  Don’t let go of negative thoughts, on the contrary, always try to have a positive and pro-active attitude.

I hope this article has given you all the information you need on what are the characteristics of an entrepreneur, what not to do and how to become an entrepreneur and make money from scratch. If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to reach me on Instagram

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