Mark Anthony Crosby Jr. aka Peso Pootie, is a rapper, writer, and performer from the north side of Pittsburgh PA . Since he can remember, he has been interested in music. When he used to freestyle for the entire school over lunch, he realised he had a talent. His long life was marked by tributes to his musical abilities on a global scale. This artist is a powerhouse and has a lot planned for the year. With the release of his debut album Dead Roses on all major platforms on July 4, he has been quickly making a name for himself.

He was the opening act for major artists like 2 Chainz, Doe boy and Fabolous. He has also done songs with Jose Guapo and Yung La. Fans have been eagerly waiting for his debut album Dead Roses which will drop on July 4. He has a lot of people depending on him and has been through a lot of grief, so music is his method of coping. Music evolved into the language of his soul, the one he felt closest to, the one that best articulated the things he wanted to communicate, and the one that gave him the feeling of being the most alive.

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